Study of A White Rhino & Calf

Bronze, signed, limited edition of 10, 65 cms long x 38 cms tall x 32 cms wide

“If this level of poaching continues to escalate, a species, which has existed on this planet for 40 million years, faces the very real prospect of extinction in our lifetime. We cannot be the generation that allows this to happen.”  


- Charles Mayhew MBE, Co Founder and CEO of Tusk

This is a special piece commissioned by the Cotswold Wildlife Park to celebrate the birth of the first white rhino in the Park’s 43 year history.  The first edition was unveiled in London in November 2013 and 20% of the sale price of each edition is donated to Tusk.

By purchasing one of the remaining editions of this sculpture, your donation will help the conservation efforts of Tusk in the following ways:

  • Fund a scout’s salary and provide rations for one full year

  • Equip two wildlife rangers in anti-poaching patrols with personal radios and portable solar panels.

Please consider playing a part in helping to conserve this beautiful species for generations to come.  If you are interested in purchasing an edition, please contact Rosamond directly here